We have been awarded for our support to customers and the community during the pandemic in the prestigious Euromoney competition

Euromoney Awards for Excellence is one of the most important competitions in the banking sector. Santander Bank Polska was the only bank in Poland to be recognised for its support to customers and the community provided during covid-19.

The Excellence in Leadership award received by Santander Bank Polska was granted this year to only three financial institutions from Central and Eastern Europe. The Bank was the only one in Poland to be recognised for the speed and innovativeness of solutions for customers and communities introduced in connection with the spread of coronavirus, as well as for the alignment of these solutions with the real needs of individuals and business customers.

Responding to the needs of society and creating products and services tailored to the customers' present situation is the foundation of our responsible banking strategy. After the outbreak of the pandemic, we took steps to help fight the coronavirus and provide appropriate and comprehensive support to those in need. We are glad that the effects of our actions are appreciated by both clients and important international institutions.

Michał Gajewski

the CEO of Santander Bank Polska

Not only financial support

The jury of the Euromoney competition has recognised Santander Bank Polska not only for its extensive financial support to individual customers and companies, especially SMEs. The organisers also appreciated the initiatives undertaken by the Bank, which had a positive impact on Polish society. The awarded activities include “Double the Power of Help” – a fund-raising initiative for hospitals in Poland, aimed at supporting the medical staff in the fight against the coronavirus and running a general information website RazemPokonamy.pl.

Santander, one of the largest banks in Poland, tries not only to create tailor-made products, but also to work for the local community and support it in its daily challenges.

We are aware that as an institution of public trust we have the privilege, but also the duty, to actively contribute to changes that will help our society deal with the aftermath of the pandemic. We are proud that thanks to the commitment of our employees, the charity fundraising and the generosity of our customers, we have been able to support hospitals in the purchase of equipment and personal protective equipment for healthcare professionals. Our priority is to pursue further initiatives that will help our customers and the environment in which we operate to get through the pandemic intact.

Michał Gajewski

CEO of Santander Bank Polska

In addition to the „Excellence in Leadership” award, the Santander Group was named the Best Bank for SMEs in Western Europe and Latin America, the Best Bank in Spain and Portugal, and the Best Investment Bank in Portugal.