Awarded the CSR Golden Leaf and Ranked Second Among Responsible Companies

Santander Bank Polska received the Golden Leaf by Polityka for the fourth time. In addition, the bank came second in the Ranking of Responsible Companies organised by Koźmiński Business Hub, in both the sectoral and general categories.

The commitment to support local communities and to comply with the highest ethical standards has always been firmly anchored into the DNA of Santander Bank Polska. The bank’s CSR activities, social initiatives and actions related to environmental protection and sustainable development have once again been appreciated in industry competitions.

At Santander Bank Polska, responsible banking plays a key and strategic role. We are determined to best fulfil the commitments we have made to our stakeholders, but also to the climate and the environment. That is why we initiate actions to improve the quality of our lives, but also inspire others to make responsible commitments, for example through the products we offer. Especially today, when we are experiencing the effects of the pandemic on many levels, it is crucial to understand the challenges we face not only locally but also globally. As one of the largest banks in Poland and a member of an international financial group, we know that good organization and cooperation are the foundation for working out and implementing good changes in our environment. We are glad that our efforts are yielding positive results and that they have once again been appreciated in the competition by Polityka and the Ranking of Responsible Companies.

Michał Gajewski

the CEO of Santander Bank Polska

This year, Santander was awarded for the fourth time, the CSR Golden Leaf, the highest distinction in the ranking of Polityka, as a company which regards the implementation of the guidelines of ISO 26000 (the standard emphasizes the importance of high performance in the field of social responsibility and its improvement) as an essential element of their strategic activities in business and in relationships with stakeholders, including employees. Additionally, Santander was also recognized in the category of initiatives that can inspire other companies, for launching the ESG-linked (Environmental, Social and Governance) product on the Polish market. In 2019, Santander Bank Polska, in cooperation with four other banks, signed the first ESG-linked loan agreement with Energa on the Polish market, in which Santander acts as ESG coordinator and agent. The financial conditions are closely linked to the borrower’s commitment to the natural environment, society and corporate governance.

Santander Bank Polska has also been acknowledged as an institution which implements the objectives of sustainable development with great commitment and high quality. This has been confirmed by the second place in this year’s fourteenth edition of the Ranking of Responsible Companies, both in the industry and general classification. The Ranking also assessed sustainable management, ethical organisational culture and exerting a positive influence on the surroundings.

Moreover, in June this year, Katarzyna Teter, Corporate Social Responsibility Manager at Santander Bank Polska was appointed to the Management Board of the Responsible Business Forum for a three-year term. The appointment is a confirmation of Katarzyna Teter’s many years of experience in the field of CSR, and provides the bank with an opportunity to become even more involved and create a wide platform for cooperation in the field of sustainable development.