In May 2016, Santander Bank Polska S.A. implemented a corporate wellness program called “Zdrowie na Bank”, which is a part of the global BeHealthy program of Santander Group. It is based on a holistic health model aimed to promote a healthy lifestyle and work-life balance. We want to highlight the importance of health and good self-esteem as a distinctive feature of the Santander brand and thus create a hallmark of the values we offer our employees.

The Zdrowie na Bank program has four thematic pillars:

  • Eat clean

  • Move

  • Stay healthy

  • Be ergo

We conduct educational and motivational activities, in such areas as rational nutrition, physical and mental health prophylaxis, active lifestyle, leisure and work ergonomics. We support and organize, in collaboration with our partners, health-promoting campaigns. In addition, we are taking the right steps towards facilitating access to health and fitness services.

Our cyclic events “A week with Zdrowie na Bank” and “Autumn with Zdrowie na Bank” are the highlights of our program. During these events, employees have the opportunity to participate in medical or ergonomic consultations, meet with a physical therapist and have a bone density test performed. We have also organized webinars with a psychologist, where we discuss stress and how to deal with it. Bicycle enthusiasts can look forward to professional bicycle services where, under the supervision of experts, they can inspect and repair their bikes.

In 2018, during the summer season, we held a three-month Bike Challenge competition for employees-cyclists. Participants were additionally motivated by a goal to cycle 100,000 kilometers, for which the Santander Foundation funded 30 bicycles for children from two orphanages in Jelenia Góra. Competitions could be entered by individuals or in teams. An additional challenge was to reach, metaphorically, Madrid, i.e. cover a distance of 3,000 kilometers. The competition was held in three stages and after each stage, most active cyclists and groups were awarded prizes.