We support entrepreneurs in remote business operations

As many as 25,000 sole proprietors have already benefited from eAccounting, eFactoring, eCollection and eContracts at Santander Bank Polska. We have introduced a package of eServices for entrepreneurs to facilitate their daily banking.

Entrepreneurs running sole proprietorships, in Mini Firma Internet banking, have access to services supporting them in running their business. 25 thousand companies have already taken advantage of solutions that facilitate business management without leaving home.

At Santander Bank Polska we provide products that respond to real customer needs. We introduce many facilities for entrepreneurs to continue their business operations, regardless of the situation. We are very happy that for many of them our online services have become a practical support in everyday company management

Adrian Kaczmarek,

SME Segment Manager at Santander Bank Polska

Multiple tools available from a single online banking platform.

Customers running sole proprietorship, who have access to Mini Firma’s Internet banking, can use such tools as eFactoring, eCollection, eContracts and eAccounting.

The eFactoring service helps companies maintain liquidity by accelerating payments. Each sales invoice can be submitted immediately after issuing for financing to the National Guarantee Fund (NGF) which will pay all or part of the net value of the invoice, depending on the entrepreneur’s choice. In order to start using the service, the sole proprietor must be running a business for at least 12 months and submit an application for a factoring limit. The initial limit value may be as high as PLN 100,000. The process of financing invoices is handled online, is quick and convenient, without unnecessary formalities.

In the event of late payment or non-payment, customers can benefit from the eCollection service. Unpaid invoices must only be uploaded to the Payhelp platform and the process of amicable debt collection is triggered. If necessary, the platform can also take the case to court by means of the Electronic Remittance Proceedings. The provider of the eCollection and Payhelp services is BEST S.A.

The tool that provides entrepreneurs with legal support is eContracts. Customers gain access to the Umownik application which helps to generate a valid and lawful contract based on more than 30 available templates, including, for instance, contracts of sale, contracts of mandate contracts for specific work, NDAs or GDPR contracts. In the application, customers can create their own templates with any content, as well as conduct remote negotiations with their counterparties. Additionally, they can certify their identity and sign the contract with an electronic signature. In this way, contracts can be drawn up and concluded quickly and correctly, with full security and confidentiality of the entered data. Additionally, all documents created are available in one place and can be accessed at any time via Internet banking. The service provider is LawBiz Technology Sp. z o.o.

As part of the eAccounting service, entrepreneurs can use free software for invoicing and accounting. Invoices can be issued both online and via inFakt mobile application, as well as saved in PDF format and sent to contractors by email. Invoice templates and accounting support are also available free of charge on the eAccounting platform. In the accounting package it is possible to additionally edit costs and generate revenue and expense ledgers, VAT-7 and PIT-5 tax returns. Entrepreneurs can also monitor the dates of payment of social security contributions (ZUS) and taxes (US) and their amounts. Santander Bank Polska has also prepared paid packages for entrepreneurs who want to entrust the management of their company’s finances to a remote accountant. Within this offer, a selected accountant will record all costs on an ongoing basis, send tax returns to the tax office, as well as represent the entrepreneur before the offices and provide advice proposing best solutions. The provider of the eAccounting service is inFakt Sp. z o.o.

More information available at https://www.santander.pl/firmy/uslugi-dla-firm