Santander Station Visits Other Places in Poland

This year, Santander Station has already visited Pruszcz Gdański, Świdnik, Kostrzyn nad Odrą, Bielsk Podlaski and Wrocław, and in September will come to Łódź. The choice of cities is not accidental. All locations were selected based on a competition for the Bank’s employees who were requested to submit interesting ideas how the Santander Station could be used to support local communities. The most interesting ideas won, and their authors became ambassadors of the Santander Station in particular cities. The mobile educational and entertainment space offers fun and games to visitors, as well as multimedia excursions into the world of future finance.

The Santander Station presents the world of finance in a way unknown to many people. Modern banking is much more than just accounts and money transfers. Banking today is, above, all about people. As a bank we try to provide much more than just financial support- something you can experience by visiting our station. It is here, under one roof, that we have gathered the most interesting and most popular among our employees and customers projects supporting local communities.

One of the attractions offered in the Santander Station are educational games developed for the needs of the Finansiaki project. This undertaking shows, both parents and their children, that learning about the world of money can be interesting, easy and pleasant, regardless of age. Leaders of Europe is an economic game that teaches teenagers the broadly understood basics of economics. Visitors to the Santander Station may participate in first-aid workshops organized as part of the How’s Your Driving project, the goal of which is to promote road safety. In addition, fans of new technologies and those interested in the latest banking services may get a hands-on experience in new, exciting solutions and find out that holograms and robots in everyday life is not a matter of distant future. Other attractions include concerts of the Santander Orchestra, where young, talented musicians perform under the direction of Adam Sztaba.

Apart from intellectual games, there are also sports emotions awaiting the Santander Station guests in the UEFA Championships zone, which are officially sponsored by Santander.

A visit to the Santander Station will also be an opportunity to support the activities of the Santander Foundation by beating the record on a rowing ergometer.  What’s important is that for each kilometer travelled the Foundation will donate money for a selected local social initiative.

Santander Station, so far:

a total of 23 days of operation

more than 3,500 guests

over 60 rounds of Finansiaki and Leaders of Europe played

training provided to a total of 600 children and teenagers

more than 40 first-aid workshops conducted as part of the How’s Your Driving project

30 kilometers rowed for charity