Santander Makes Football Dreams Come True

Few things in life have a similar potential for fulfilling people’s dreams as football. Whether it is walking onto the pitch wearing the shirt of your all-time favourite team or sitting on the gallery with the scarf of your team, football is a sport which invariably arouses great, positive emotions. And Santander Group, as the official UEFA Champions League’s sponsor as of 2018, helps us to experience the emotions.

In addition to globally planned activities, including the ones taking place in Poland, we also prepared activities for our employees.

An international Santander Group football tournament was organized. More than 160 employees participated in the qualifications in Poland. The winners of the Polish edition represented our country during the finals in Madrid.

The employees also had a chance to win tickets for the final game of this year’s UEFA  Champion’s League and watch it live in Madrid. In order to make it to the stadium, competition participants had to record a video explaining the meaning of the offside rule in football.

And that’s is not all. A man from our country won the competition launched by Santander Group in which participants had to guess correctly the results of the games played in the tournament. As an award , the winner will go to Istanbul to watch the UEFA Super Cup game. Both finalists, Chelsea FC & Liverpool FC, won their respective European club competitions in a great style  so the match is expected to be very exciting.

UEFA Champions League, however, is not only about football. During one of the events accompanying the grand finale, music was performed by Santander Orchestra conducted by Adam Sztaba. And during the final game crowning the whole season, a child of  one of our employees walked onto the pitch as the player’s escort.

Famous vloggers shared with us their experience and told us how they prepared for watching great soccer matches. Marcin Mazur recollected with a great sentiment the heyday times of Luis Nazario De Lima a.k.a.  Ronaldo, today a UEFA Champions League ambassador. Beksy showed in a funny way how watching football with a boyfriend may vary from our vision of an ideal evening. Nevertheless, together with the OMatkoiCórko channel, they all encouraged families to watch the games together.

Santander also promotes UEFA Champion’s League via website where you can find the games calendar, match highlights and all episodes of the Home Games TV miniseries. The show tells the story of the Czechoski family in which the father is a fierce football fan. The dialogues are very funny and the plot twists might look familiar to many families. The Home Games miniseries consists of five  6-minute episodes and was broadcast by one of the main TV channels on Sundays at 6:40 p.m.

The new edition of the UEFA Champions League starts already on 17 September this year. Don’t forget to root for your team and join us at  power of football.