Santander Bank Polska Awarded for the Best CSR Report

Our Corporate Social Responsibility Report for 2018 has won the first place in the category of CSR Reports in a competition organized by the Responsible Business Forum and Deloitte. The judges have appreciated the reader-friendly and interesting form of the report, the comprehensive description of the company’s impact, in particular on the natural environment, and a reliable approach to the preparation of the report. 

It is very clear nowadays that various stakeholders make decisions based not only on financial data. They also look for information about the company’s impact on the environment and want to know whether it is a good employer and how it is managed. Prospective employees want to work for companies which are not only doing well in terms of performance results but a have strong organizational culture, care for the natural environment and are committed to doing business in a responsible way. The same applies to business partners and investors. For the majority of them, non-financial disclosures are the first and foremost sources of information. Therefore, transparent and standardized reporting of corporate social responsibility and sustainability data is one of our priorities. We have been doing this for many years, always making sure that the report responds to the expectations and addresses subjects which are most important for our stakeholders. We are very proud of this award which we perceive as a confirmation that our persistence and our efforts aimed at continuous improvement are recognized and appreciated,

Michał Gajewski,

Santander Bank Polska’s CEO

The awarded Corporate Social Responsibility Report is the sixth one  published by Santander Bank Polska. For the last two years, the report has had the form of a website with new information about the ongoing activities published regularly throughout the year. In this issue of the report, the description of Santander Bank Polska’s initiatives has been structured in line with our values: Simple, Personal Fair. The content can also be filtered according to the Sustainable Development Goals supported by the bank. Moreover, we have been the first ones in Poland to refer in our non-financial  report to the Principles for Responsible Banking, a set of international guidelines developed by UNEP FI and officially announced at the General Assembly of the United Nations held in New York on September 22, 2019.

The report website is suitable for blind and visually impaired persons in accordance with the WCAG 2.0 standards of accessibility to persons with special needs and has been certified by the Foundation.  Just like in previous years, the latest report has been prepared in conformance with the guidelines of the Global Reporting Initiative and reviewed by an independent auditor. It is available in the Polish and English language versions.

Preparation of the report is a team effort in which more than 70 employees of our bank were engaged. All of them have contributed to our joint success and we would like to thank them most sincerely for their support.

fot. Tadeusz Mirosz

Twelve years of evaluating social impact

The CSR Reports competition awards the best reports on corporate social responsibility. Its aim is to promote  the idea of responsible business, sustainability, care for the natural environment and social engagement among businesses and organizations publishing reports on their activities in those areas. The annual competition organized by the Responsible Business Forum and Deloitte was held for the first time in 2007.