Santander Orchestra and Leszek Możdżer On Tour

The biggest highlight of the beginning of October was the Symphosphere. The concerts of the Santander Orchestra with Leszek Możdżer, Tia Fuller and Lars Danielsson received standing ovations in each of the five cities. Watch the video from the tour to feel the atmosphere!

pict. W. Grzędziński

Santander Orchestra is in the first place an educational project for the most talented musicians in Poland. For our Bank, helping them to develop their careers is of utmost importance, as confirmed by a statement from Katarzyna Meissner, Director of the Sponsoring and Relationship Projects Office.

During every edition of the project, we offer workshops in theoretical knowledge about public relations, social media, copyrights or finance management. This year the artists also had a chance to learn about alternative career paths for musicians and find out where to apply for subsidies for individual projects.

Katarzyna Meissner,

Director of the Sponsoring and Relationship Projects Office

Additionally, the project participants  every day took part in physical exercise classes showing them how to maintain a good posture and how to relax muscles after many hours of practise. These are very important subjects which are often disregarded in the course of studies at musical universities.

pict. W. Grzędziński

And what are the impressions of the musicians themselves?

The Santander Orchestra project is an opportunity to engage in new or different kinds of music. The participants meet not only new friends but also new professors and expand their symphonic repertoire. Each meeting is a new experience and valuable time devoted to self-development. The organizers care equally about good health and successful career of every musician so the program is rich in physical exercise classes and a range of theoretical workshops.

Ewelina Korczakowska,

a violinist

When I learned about the possibility of obtaining the support from Santander Orchestra, a valuable support indeed as it is not easy to get a good orchestra with full logistics I was sure that would be able to perform to the public properly my composition for Fuller and Danielsson. We do not play ‘average’ music so without a sponsor it wouldn’t have happened.

Leszek Możdżer in an interview for Rzeczpospolita

Symphosphere is a project which combines jazz improvisations with a variety of opportunities offered by a symphonic orchestra an electronic sounds. It is a bold, surprising and very original combination through which a whole range of new music territories is discovered with an array of colours and shades. The sponsor of the concert tour was Santander Bank Polska.