Launch of the „Responsible Business in Poland 2018” Report

This year’s publication shows a 30-percent increase in both the reported practices and the number of companies. It is another record-breaking issue of the report published by the Responsible Business Forum.

As in previous years, also the most recent Report would not be complete without the good practices implemented by our Bank and the Santander Bank Polska Foundation. The current Report includes altogether 26 examples of one-off activities carried out in 2018 and ongoing long-term projects which respond to specific areas of corporate social responsibility, such as:

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The ”Responsible Business in Poland. Good Practices” is the flagship publication of the Responsible Business Forum issued annually since 2002. The report presents an overview of the activity of companies which reported their CSR initiatives and efforts and recapitulates the most important aspects of corporate social responsibility in Poland in the year under review.

In the last-year’s issue of the report, the number of companies’ activities for the first time crossed the 1000 mark and this year has exceeded 1,500.

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1549 is the total number of practices accepted for the current 17th issue of ”Responsible Business in Poland. Good Practices” report. This number includes both new practices reported for the first time and long-term practices which appeared also in the previous editions of the report.