New remote banking solutions for seniors

Santander Bank Polska has introduced an additional helpline option for senior citizens, that will facilitate their everyday contact with the bank

The Bank also carries out educational activities that will help this group of customers to bank without leaving home

Santander Bank Polska is developing initiatives that respond to the current needs of senior citizens, especially those related to remote banking. That is why the bank recently added to the interactive voice menu the possibility to choose a number specially designed for the customer can speak directly with a consultant who will provide them with the necessary information about online banking.

New circumstances have shown that Seniors are open to the opportunities offered by remote banking, want to learn about them and actively use the tools available. According to the conversations of our advisors, often telephone assistance allows senior citizens to make full use of online and mobile options. It brings them a lot of satisfaction, they often tell their peers about it and encourage them to use the new solutions. Seniors also appreciate the quality of support provided by advisors, thanks to which they are more active and courageous in using new technologies.

Joanna Wcisło,

Multichannel Communication Centre Director at Santander Bank Polska.

A special helpline option for seniors

Seniors who limit their visits to the bank during the coronavirus pandemic still need to contact the bank and get professional assistance of an advisor. To cater to these needs, Santander Bank Polska has launched helpline options specially designed for seniors which will speed up and facilitate access to an appropriate consultant. This dedicated part of the helpline is operated by advisors who are available 24/7.

We believe that the new helpline selection option will make it easier for seniors to make unrestricted and independent use of online services. We also hope that thanks to the simplified contact with advisors, Seniors will become ambassadors of remote banking and will share their knowledge with others in their community.

Joanna Wcisło

Multichannel Communication Centre Director at Santander Bank Polska.

The need for this solution was confirmed shortly after launching the special option for seniors on the Santander Bank Polska helpline. Surprisingly, this option is used not only by the elderly, but also by their grandchildren or children who want to find out how to help their loved ones. Some seniors need advice on how to use online banking and want to know the benefits of remote banking. Many seniors, who are already proficient in using bank’s products and services, ask their advisers specific questions. And others call because they need technical support.

Caring for the Seniors

Santander Bank Polska conducts a number of educational activities aimed at encouraging seniors, who still feel insecure in the digital world, to use online banking. The bank is also running a project called #zalogujseniora on its Facebook and website, where a series of posts on how to help seniors to bank and where to look for helpful information are published.

The Santander Bank Polska Foundation organises a series of workshops for senior citizens that are meant to teach them safe banking. Elderly people are often targeted by scammers who create fake payment sites, send viral links or impersonate a grandchild or a police officer. The Foundation cooperates with the police on projects such as: „Happy Senior”, „Grandparent Scam, Policeman Scam”, „Don’t Be Fooled!”, „OLABOGABABCIU”(Oh My God, Granny), „Safe Seniors in the Surrounding World”. These actions, apart from helping us reach a wide range of seniors, have earned us 1st place in the category of social sensitivity in the Złoty Bankier ranking.