Best employee benefits on the market!

In 2018 Santander Bank Polska defended its winner title in the Best Benefits Strategy competition.

– Winning the statuette for the second time has reassured us that our bank’s non-cash benefits policy is the best on the market. It is a great honour to us, especially that we have left behind many respectable brands and in the final stage we competed against the international G2A Group from the IT sector.

Katarzyna Lew-Kucharska,

who presented our benefit offer during the Benefits Festival 2018

Both finalists presented comprehensive and multi-dimensional non-cash benefit strategies aligned with the needs of their respective industries, therefore the judging panel decided to award them two first prices ex-aequo. Both strategies were considered to be designed in a highly professional way and the differences between them were associated with the structures and profiles of their companies and the realities of doing business in the two different sectors.

The judges also appreciated the considerable diversification of the Santander Bank Polska’s strategy. Apart from the standard healthcare, insurance and cafeteria packages, we also have many unique proposals, such as the Health Bank or the Banker’s Trekking Event. It was actually the variety of benefits offered under our policy, both addressing the basic needs and the passions and hobbies of our employees and supporting their personal development and well-being – that turned out to be a distinctive feature of our bank. In their final verdict, the judges said that  the bank’s work environment “ensures comfort, facilitates personal development and responds to various needs and aspirations”.

Benefit strategies entered in the competition were evaluated by two independent experts in the field of employee benefits and employer branding, Marzena Winczo-Gasik (Head of the Organisational Culture Audit Team and Communication Manager of Great Place to Work in Poland) and Zyta Machnicka – employer branding expert (Lightness).