Santander Bank Polska sets the responsible banking standards.

Santander Bank Polska has been awarded for the third time with the Golden CSR Leaf by the Polityka magazine. This is another recognition received by Santander Bank Polska this year which proves that corporate social responsibility activities, such as, for instance, supporting education, promoting sustainable economic growth or counteracting gender discrimination are lasting commitments integral to the bank’s strategy and important items on the persistently implemented #ResponsibleBanking agenda. The award is granted to institutions which in their daily activities demonstrate exceptional commitment to supporting local communities, contributing to sustainable development and respecting the highest ethical standards.

– Corporate social responsibility is equally important to us as the core banking business. They are two sides of the same coin. We believe that trust and respect are the foundations of solid growth and for that reason we put so much emphasis on the implementation of our responsible banking projects. Being the second largest bank on the Polish market and a member of an international financial group we feel particularly responsible to our stakeholders – our customers, employees, investors and the entire society. We are aware of the fact that when we make good use of our financial potential we can grow our business and, at the same time, support local communities. The Golden CSR Leaf award granted to use by Polityka reinforces our confidence that the corporate social responsibility strategy pursued by Santander Bank Polska is the right approach.

Michał Gajewski, CEO of Santander Bank Polska

This year, the bank has also been recognized in the Ethical Company competition. This prestigious distinction is awarded to companies which proactively develop and strengthen robust, systemically regulated organizational cultures founded on high ethical standards and values. As one of the first companies in Poland we adopted a Code of Conduct in 2004. Our comprehensive system of values and procedures supporting the implementation of ethical standards in the bank includes the General Code of Conduct, the Sustainability Policy of Santander Bank Polska,

the Human Rights Policy of Santander Bank Polska and the Respect and Dignity Policy. We are also a signatory of the Diversity Charter and an active participant of the Polish Standard of Ethics, a program promoted by the UN Global Compact. As part of the program, the Coalition of Ethics Ambassadors is responsible for the development of the Minimum Standard of Ethics which will be an ethical guide will a proposed action plan for companies less advanced in the implementation of ethical standards.

The awards received by the bank this year demonstrate that the #ResponsibleBanking strategy adopted by the bank is one of the pillars of its future growth and a benchmark of new standards for the market.