Santander Bank Polska made it to the top of the Golden Banker (Złoty Bankier) ranking for the third time, this year as the vice-leader in the Golden Bank category. The jury once again considered the Account As I Want It the best on the market. The bank also won in the Socially Responsible Bank category with a project addressed to senior citizens, here the projects were evaluated by internet users.

The Golden Banker ranking has for many years provided a reliable assessment of the quality of service to bank customers. Santander Bank Polska came second in the main category – Best multi-channel service quality. This year’s survey focused on the analysis of the needs of respondents from three age groups – young adults (up to 26 years old), adults (over 26 years old) and seniors (over 60 years old)).

Making it to the top of the ranking, for the third time in a row, proves that our client-centricity strategy is being noticed by customers. The high quality of service is inscribed in our organization’s DNA. For two years now, we have been definitely rebuilding our Bank to cater closely to our customers' needs. We strongly believe that satisfaction is the basis of long-term relationships with clients. We will continue to work, in order to prove every day that customers are at the centre of our attention. I would like to thank our customers and employees for this award.

Michał Gajewski

the CEO of Santander Bank Polska

Santander Bank Polska continues its strategy of being the best bank for customers. The changes in service, raising customer comfort, cover all areas of the bank’s operations and all contact channels. While creating values for clients, the bank focuses on modern technologies, digitization and omni-channelling.

Also, the analysis and evaluation of banking products took into account offerings for customers of different age groups, checking whether they are suited to real needs and their lifestyle. Both the competitiveness of price parameters and the functionality of solutions were assessed.

The ‘Account As I Want It’ once again triumphs in this ranking. This rating proves that we respond well to our customers' needs. We have made sure that our offer allows everyone to bank as they wish, from any place.

adds Michał Gajewski

The Account As I Want It is a flexible account where the customer modifies the options depending on their needs.

Moreover, the Santander Bank Polska cash loan was ranked third. Santander Bank also won in the Socially Sensitive Bank category, which is particularly important for its strategy. The responsible banking strategy is the cornerstone of the bank’s business activities. Internet users recognized the bank’s activities addressed to seniors.

Responsible banking stands for reliability and honesty in our operations, and concern for the society and nature. We believe that our actions can bring many positive changes, which is why we at Santander Bank Polska and our Foundation are actively involved in helping others. We address many of our activities to seniors, making their everyday life easier.

Marzena Atkielska

President of the Santander Bank Polska Foundation and Kantar assesses banking services in several categories, such as availability and friendliness of electronic banking systems, problem solving and providing thorough information to customers, and communication matching. Quality standards in the bank branches and the presentation of the offer were also evaluated. The ranking was carried out for the 11th time. Complete results of the ranking are available at: