”Advocate for the Standard of Ethics” Award

Santander Bank Polska was awarded for the promotion of responsible management standards and its contribution to the ”Standard of Ethics in Poland” programme.

– We are an institution of public trust and ethics is the foundation of everything we do, when interacting with our customers, employees and all third-parties alike We are persistently building our business model in conformance with the highest ethical standards which are applied on a daily basis in all our operations. We are very proud, that our efforts have been recognised, especially being the only bank on the market to have been awarded.

Michał Gajewski,

CEO of Santander Bank Polska S.A.

The award was granted under the “Ethics Standard Program” operated by the Global Compact Network Poland. The goal of the program is to implement the UN Guiding Principles in Poland and to make sure they are applied in daily practice of companies and institutions. The Coalition of Advocates for the Standard of Ethics stablished as part of the Program consists of more than 100 businesses and institutions actively engaged in the implementation and dissemination of ethical values. The Partner Institutions and the Coalition of Advocates for the Standard of Ethics have jointly worked out the Minimum Standard of the Ethics Program i.e. a set of values and tools considered as fundamental for the development of an ethics program in an organisation of every size. Santander Bank Polska was actively involved in the drafting of the standard.

The main theme of this year’s UN Gala was the 70th anniversary of the adoption of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. During the ceremony eight organizations and institutions contributing to the promotion and protection of human rights received awards