Michał Gajewski, CEO of Santander Bank Polska joins the Responsible Business Forum

On June 4, 209 Michał Gajewski was appointed a member of the Executive Board of the Responsible Business Forum, the biggest organization promoting responsible business standards in Poland.


The involvement of Santander Bank Polska’s CEO in the activities of FOB is a tangible proof that the #Responsible Banking strategy is one of the pillars of the Bank’s future development and a major component of our business strategy.

The appointment to the Board of the Responsible Business Forum is an honour to me, but also a great responsibility. Non-financial aspects are getting more and more important to stakeholders, as the quantum leap in the investors’ interest in the subject shows. I hope that I will  have a chance not only to support the development and promotion of the responsible business idea among companies in Poland but also to benefit from the  knowledge and inspiration shared among the best ,” says Michał Gajewski–“Being the second biggest bank in Poland and a member of the international Santander Group , we feel a special responsibility for the financial market and for raising the awareness of the stakeholders through our own initiatives and projects implemented in partnership with the whole industry. Our ambition is to create trends and set standards in the area field. We believe that responsible banking is the foundation for effective, innovative and sustainable growth,” Gajewski adds.

The Forum is an expert organization which acts as an originator and partner to many initiatives of key significance for CSR in Poland. The FOB’s Board is responsible for strategic planning and supervision over the organization’s activities.

The members of the Responsible Business Forum‘s Board have a major role to play in promoting CSR in Poland, by supporting our Team and helping our organization grow at the strategic level. I have a great pleasure to welcome Mr. Michał Gajewski, the top executive of Santander Bank Polska, who has just joined us  in order to  drive  real change for the better in the world of business. We all hope to benefit from Mr. Gajewski’s extensive experience and knowledge and we also appreciate the bank’s long-term commitment to the statutory activities of the Responsible Business Forum, says Dominika Bettman, Chair of the Responsible Business Forum.

Santander Bank Polska (formerly known as Bank Zachodni WBK) has been a strategic partner of the Responsible Business Forum for 12 years. In our daily activities, we attach special importance to supporting local communities, promoting sustainable development and  respecting the highest ethical standards.