Our Logo and Name: All You Have To Know

Santander Bank Polska S.A. (formerly, Bank Zachodni WBK S.A. until  September 7, 2017) and Santander Consumer Bank S.A. operate on the Polish market as part of the same Santander Group. Nevertheless, they are two independent banks operating pursuant to separate banking licenses which means they do not offer or support each other’s products, even if an individual is a customer of both banks. The product offers and the pricing policies of the two banks are developed independently.

How can we distinguish between the two banks? First of all, by the colours of their logos.

Santander Bank Polska is a universal bank offering its products and services to retail, business and global corporate customers. Santander Bank Polska has a red logo with white letters.

Santander Consumer Bank focuses on consumer loans and offers credit products mainly through business partners and a branch network. Its logo is white with red letters.