The employee volunteers from the Multi-Channel Communication Centre of Santander Bank Polska supported the project of job activation of the young people from the Vocational Training School for Special Needs Students number 112 in Poznań.

The goal of the project was to teach self-reliance to the school students  and to support their social integration. The project consisted of two parts. In the first one, the students learned how to use the  services of the bank and were introduced to the Barrier-Free Service program, while in the second part they had a chance for the first time to spend a few days away from home on their own.

During their stay in ”Młodzikowo” agritourism farm in Sulęcinek, they became much more self-reliant and significantly improved their social skills. They learned how to be independent and make their own choices and decisions.

For that group of students, it was the first and the last trip together as they graduated from the school in June. The opportunity to go away from home and integrate with other students in beautiful surroundings was very precious for them, especially in view of the upcoming challenges of the adult life.

The project related to the bank’s activities under the Barrier-Free Service program.