Two awards for Santander Bank Polska in the “Best Annual Report” competition

In the ”Best Annual Report” competition organised by the Institute of Accountancy and Taxes, Santander Bank Polska S.A. won the third place in the ‘Main Award’ category and received a special mention in the category of banks and financial institutions for ”the most useful annual report”.

The report is a generally accessible document which presents in a comprehensive way the financial situation of the bank and its financial performance results for the reporting period. It is prepared in strict conformance with the applicable rules and requirements. ”The Best Annual Report” awards are presented to authors of most useful reports from the point of view of investors and shareholders. The competition is a non-profit event and its purpose is to promote good practices in the financial reporting of companies with a direct impact on the enhancement of the safety of the capital market in Poland. This year the competition was organised for the 13th time.

It is the first time that our bank has made it to the podium in the main award category. We feel very proud of this prestigious award which recognises the transparency of our reporting and the high standards which we keep excelling all the time.