Two hours with the family: spend your free time you’re your closest ones!

We celebrate the International Family Day! In the second quarter of the year, permanent employees of Santander Bank Polska will have to extra hours off in order to spend the time with their families. Log out and join your closes ones!

On May 15, we celebrate the International Family Day established by the General Assembly of the United Nations in order to increase the awareness of the benefits and challenges related to family life. By celebrating the holiday, Santander Bank Polska has joined the national social campaign of the Humanites Foundation called  Two Hours For the Family In support of the campaign idea, the bank offered its employees in Q2 two extra hours off work.

The goal is not only to let employees work shorter on a given day but to promote the idea of work-life balance. This year, the headline of the Two Hours For the Familycampaign is “Little Big Family Travels”. Nowadays, when free time is one of the most valuable assets, time spent with the closest ones while travelling,  going for a walk or cycling together with your relatives is priceless. When you go away together with your family or friends, you have a chance to see them in a new context and get to know them better.

Log out and join your closest ones!

We live in the world of electronic media and devices. Today, even the simplest jobs are aided by the computer. Santander Bank Polska encourages its employees to give family members 100% percent of undivided attention and use the Two Hours For the Family in a totally offline and analogue mode i.e. put away their smartphones and leave laptops and tablets at home. The ideas for family activities are numerous. The organizer of the campaign has a number of interesting proposals which can be found on the campaign website at