Chatbot named Santi will answer questions from Santander Bank Polska customers

Clients and those interested in the Santander Bank Polska offer can already talk to a chatbot named Santi, at any time of day or night. The solution will answer the needs of those who want to contact the bank quickly, during non-standard hours and nowadays prefer to bank remotely.

According to a study conducted by UX Symmetry, most people who have been in contact with chatbots have a positive attitude towards them. 45% of respondents choose to talk to a bot because they want to get an immediate answer*.

We are systematically introducing improvements in our online and mobile banking to make them as useful as possible for our clients. Thanks to an additional channel and automation of communication, the bank increases the availability of the Contact Centre, and thus shortens the time of waiting for the case to be settled. Virtual assistant in real time is able to provide answers to the questions asked, suggests optimal solutions and helps to reach specific information sources

Talk to Santi

The Santander Bank Polska chatbot will now answer questions about personal accounts and credit cards available in the bank. It also has information about the changes introduced in connection with the coronavirus epidemic. Additionally, Santi will tell you how to bank from home and what has changed in the terms of card and insurance handling.

Every conversation with a virtual chatbot is important because it recognizes certain patterns and indexes information. Thanks to questions asked by users and appropriate algorithms, Santi learns all the time and uses the acuired knowledge to make sure that nothing can surprise him in the future. So far, the most frequently asked questions by the bank’s clients have concerned, among others: open banking, multi-currency package, account information for a child and safety issues.

A conversation with a bot resembles a dialogue with a real person, because the tool was designed to be a partner and give real support to its users. The customers’ opinion is that it is a convenient way to get the necessary information quickly

I learned everything I needed to know. Thank you Santi

one of the chatbot callers.

Since the launch of the new functionality at the end of June, Santi has conducted:

  • 2,739


  • 9,502

    answered questions

  • 3 min

    average time of contact with the bot

In case of problems with understanding the question, Santi will ask for clarification, he can also display useful links or suggest a traditional conversation with a consultant.

The bot’s interface is built into the bank’s website.

Recently we have also introduced additional solutions in online banking, such as a package of e-services for micro and small businesses, the possibility of remote business start-up, the „Price Guide” for the holders of the Account As I Want It and a Customised Card. In the „Settings” section there is also a new tab called „Security”, and the currency exchange functionality (Kantor Santander) now operates around the clock. Bank clients can also use the Santander Open service, which allows them to add accounts from other banks to Santander online and Santander mobile platforms.