Bank Gospodarstwa Krajowego, Santander Bank Polska and Solaris support Polish cities in the transition to zero-emission transport

Cities in Poland have been investing heavily in emission-free public transport in recent years. One of the Polish leaders in electromobility is Krakow. The city is once again expanding its electric bus fleet. Bank Gospodarstwa Krajowego (National Economic Bank, BGK) and Santander Bank Polska S.A. have granted PLN 165.4m of financing to Solaris Bus & Coach S.A. to deliver 50 emission-free buses to MPK in Kraków.

Krakow is one of the leading investors in emission-free public transport in Poland. The first electric buses purchased by the city took to the streets in 2016. Today, the Kraków MPK fleet comprises a total of 28 buses. Thanks to the new purchases, another 50 emission-free buses will soon arrive. The transition to low and zero-emission transport is supported by Solaris, Bank Gospodarstwa Krajowego and Santander Bank Polska.

Together with the banking sector, we create solutions that are beneficial for residents and the environment. Therefore, together with Santander Bank Polska, we have provided financing to Solaris through the purchase of future receivables. Thanks to our support, the company will deliver 50 electric buses to MPK in Kraków. It is our joint contribution to supporting new technologies and fighting for clean air.

Karol Jakubaszek

Manager of the Sales Team at Bank Gospodarstwa Krajowego

This transaction shows that accounts receivable financing is a universal instrument, ensuring customized approach to the needs of our clients. We use it successfully in domestic and foreign transactions. Solaris, with the support of BGK and Santander Bank Polska, gains stable partners for an investment that will affect the quality of air we breathe.

Karol Jakubaszekdodaje

Manager of the Sales Team at Bank Gospodarstwa Krajowego

The new electric buses will expand the existing fleet of 400 Solaris vehicles cruising the streets of Kraków, including 28 electric buses. The vehicles will be delivered to Kraków during the year.

We perceive the decision to buy 50 more Solaris electric buses as confirmation of the positive experience the operator has had using Solaris electric vehicles; experience resulting not only from the high quality of the vehicles as such but also from the professionally designed maintenance service. We are proud that we have a real impact on the improvement of air quality in Kraków.

Petros Spinaris,

Deputy CEO of Solaris Bus & Coach, in charge of Sales, Marketing and Customer Service

The financing provided to Solaris by banks is an example of cooperation of the banking sector and of the development of solutions beneficial to both customers and local communities.

For our bank, this project is particularly important for two reasons. Firstly, we are supporting an important contract for the European leader in electric buses. Secondly, funding of projects having a positive impact on environmental protection is our priority and one of the most important objectives for the coming years, as part of our responsible banking strategy. We are glad that BGK has once again agreed to participate in an unconventional transaction which we suggested and where we can prove how universal trade financing products are.

Grzegorz Pojnar

Trade Finance Manager at Santander Bank Polska

Each electric bus supplied by Solaris can carry 141 passengers, of whom 43 can travel seated. The latest buses for Kraków will feature a monitoring system, a passenger information system, air-conditioning, USB charging points and an electric heating system.