Santander Bank Polska with as many as 9 awards in the „Institution of the Year” competition

Santander Bank Polska won in the main competition category ” Best Bank in Poland”. The winning result consisted of points for the places taken in the following categories: Best Branch Service, Best Remote Channel Service, Best Mortgage Service, Best Internet Banking, Best Mobile Banking, Best Remote Channel Account Opening Process and Best Bank for Businesses.

The needs and requirements of customers motivate Santander Bank Polska to continuously develop, seek innovative solutions and simplify daily banking. Fulfilling the „Bank As You Want It” promise  means that we focus on helping people and businesses prosper. We attach great importance to raising the quality standards of customer service and simplifying procedures and the language of communication.

These awards, granted for the work that Santander Bank Polska did in 2019, are very important and uplifting to us. However, we are aware that the real test of our quality standards and of our ability to support customers is happening right here and right now. One of the most important tasks for us is to safeguard the interests of our key stakeholders: customers, employees, suppliers and local communities during this difficult period and ensure that they have the best possible relations with the bank. I know that as a socially responsible institution we will meet this challenge

said Michał Gajewski

CEO Santander Bank Polska

Since the beginning of the epidemic, the Bank has been actively involved in the preparation of solutions for customers, including postponed repayment of loan principal instalments or automatic extension of  maturing overdrafts for SMEs. Moreover, the Bank increased the limit of contactless transactions without PIN to PLN 100. For small and medium-sized companies, there was also an additional exemption from selected credit fees and – upon fulfilment of eligibility conditions – from the fee for the Business Account Worth Recommending. Customers can also secure the repayment of their loans with a de minimis guarantee issued by BGK up to 80% of the loan value. The period of free-of-charge use of card terminals under the Cashless Poland Programme has also been extended. Terminals can be ordered remotely, if customers wish. For entrepreneurs we have provided free consultations on the Anti-Crisis Shield and settlements with ZUS.

The bank also shares with the needy – PLN 2 million went to 8 hospitals to purchase equipment necessary in the fight against the pandemic, and a public fundraiser is also underway, in which Santander Bank Polska will match all contributions with an equal donation up to the maximum amount of PLN 2 million.

Experts from Moje Bankowanie visited bank branches in each quarter of the previous year, examined the offer for individual customers, evaluated available forms of contact as well as online and mobile banking solutions. They also evaluated the services  provided to corporate clients, the account opening process for business and retail customers and the mortgage proposal. Particularly important was the quality of service, availability of advisors, the offer and its presentation. The Institution of the Year award in each category was given to a bank which scored minimum 80%.

We are improving the quality of our services and products to provide customers with the best experience of banking with us. We design, test and implement solutions based on the customer’s voice. And in the current situation we are trying to offer the best possible support to our customers

says Arkadiusz Przybył

Vice-President of Santander Bank Polska

In the 5th edition of the „Institution of the Year” project, the bank received awards in as many as nine categories:

  1. Best Bank in Poland – the main award
  2. Best Remote Channel Service
  3. Best Branch Service
  4. Best Mortgage Service
  5. Best Bank for Businesses
  6. Best Remote Account Opening Process
  7. Corporate Social Responsibility
  8. Personality of the Year
  9. Best Press Office

We are deeply committed to social activities. In the current edition of the competition, the „Volunteering As I Want It” program coordinated by the Santander Foundation was recognised.

Thanks to the e-platform for volunteers, the interest in charitable activities among our employees has increased significantly. More than 2,000 volunteers are already active across the country. Last year we carried out 200 initiatives and the number is growing all the time

adds Marzena Atkielska

President of the Santander Bank Polska Foundation

The title of the personality of the year went to Elżbieta Krauze, Director of the Department of  Customer Experience Improvement in the Distribution Network. The competition jury also highly rated the activities of the Santander Bank Polska press office.

Institution of the Year is a project of  Moje Bankowanie company which evaluates banks and insurance companies operating on the Polish market. The purpose of the ranking is to promote and recognise companies that provide solutions which are friendly to customers.