8 thousand new trees thanks to Santander Bank Polska

On the last weekend of April, our employees planted more than 8,000 trees as part of a campaign promoting electronic banking services.

One of the key areas of Santander Bank Polska’s activities is supporting the natural environment. The idea of planting trees and promoting the use of electronic banking services among our customers came from the bank’s employees. The goal was to encourage our customers to resign from paper bank account statements in favour of electronic statements only.

The formula of the project was simple: the more customers agree to communication via remote channels, the more trees will be planted by Santander Bank Polska. The effects of our campaign are spectacular. Only in April 2018, we planted more than 8,000 tress with the help of our employee volunteers.

Thanks to our initiative launched in partnership with the Aeris Futuro Foundation and the Management of Ojcowski National Park, as many as 6,000 new trees appeared on the park’s grounds. It is estimated that a comparable natural reforestation process would take from 80 to 120 years.

The bank’s volunteers also visited the Lipusz State Forest District which last year suffered severe windstorm damage. Thanks to the commitment of Santander Bank Polska and its employees the ecosystem in the area of Lipusz gained 2,000 new trees.

– More than two million of our bank’s customers use mobile and online banking services, By agreeing to receive paperless bank account statements, they help us be eco-friendly and save huge volumes of paper. Our team had a great idea to plant new trees in order to thank those customers who gave their consent and encourage the remaining ones to switch to environmentally-friendly digital solutions. Our tree planting campaign has an important, measurable effect. We estimate that it will make a significant contribution to the reduction of carbon dioxide emissions.

Arkadiusz Przybył,

member of the bank’s Management Board

Planting 8,000 trees will not put an end to our efforts to protect the natural environment. We will continue to persuade our customer to agree to paperless communication with the bank and use online banking more actively.