The Gala Night of the Santander Bank Polska Foundation

The Santander Bank Polska Foundation Gala is an annual event and a very special moment for all volunteers from Santander Bank Polska S.A.

This year’s gala was held on December 10, 2018 at the Capitol Theatre in Warsaw and was attended by numerous guests, including members of the Foundation’s Council, representatives of the local authorities and organizations cooperating with the Foundation, the bank’s employees and volunteers and winners of the recent iteration of the “Here I Live Here I Make Changes” competition”.

During the ceremony, the best corporate volunteering projects and the most active volunteers were awarded.

In the VOLUNTEERING PROJECT OF THE YEAR category, the Foundation Council awarded the following projects:

  1. ”Planting Trees for Independence” coordinated by Katarzyna Ławrynowicz.
  2. ”Christmas Market” – coordinated by Joanna Maras, Joanna Szczypek, Anna Nawrot, Marianna Bandych and Katarzyna Ławrynowicz.
  3. ”The Great Dźwirzyno Adventure” coordinated by Michał Walkowski.
  4. ”Flower Market” coordinated by Katarzyna Ławrynowicz.
  5. ”Everybody Needs Somebody: training for volunteers in Lubiatów coordinated by Daniel Wiśniowski.
  6. ”Charity Soccer Tournaments” coordinated by Dorota Perkowska and Joanna Skoczek.
  7. ”Little Feet Touch the Ground …” coordinated by Aneta Tryniszewska.
  8. ”The Fit Senior” coordinated by Justyna Śmigaj.
  9. ”Let’ Make Our Lives Better” coordinated by Agnieszka Galus.
  10. ”International Wheelchair Open Tournament” coordinated by Wojciech Moszczak.

The special award for the Most Active Volunteer 2018 was granted by the Foundation Council to Anna Zapłata and Przemysław Miłosz.

The Best Volunteer 2018 statuette went to Justyna Śmigaj.

The winner in the category of Most Active Volunteers BAKCYL 2018 (Bankers for the Financial Education of Youth) was Dariusz Maciuba and the award for the involvement in the Finansiaki Project went to Dorota Jadowska.

In the category of Best Skill-Based Volunteering, the Foundation Council awarded the Legal Service Office for the ”Pro Bono” initiative. On behalf of the team, the award was collected by Maksym Gozdowski.

Additionally, during the ceremony 121 winners of the 4th Competition “Here I Live Here I Make Changes” were presented. The Foundation received 774 applications and allocated PLN 800,000 for grants. Detailed information about the results can be found at

During the Gala, the Foundation also presented its Ambassadors for 2019, including Agnieszka Maciuba, Katarzyna Durma, Przemysław Miłosz, Daniel Wiśniowski and Beata Glinka while Zbigniew Kuleczka received the title of the Foundation’s Honorary Ambassador.