”How’s Your Driving” Winner of the European Excellence Awards

Santander Bank Polska’s project called ”How’s Your Driving” has won the main award in the European Excellence Awards recognizing outstanding achievements in the area of communication and public relations. The award ceremony was held on December 6, 2018 in Dublin.

In line with the Safety Now approach, the ”How’s Your Driving” project promotes responsible and polite behaviour on the road. It is addressed to a wide audience and presents the issue from a completely new angle: instead of scaremongering, it shows people that a lesson of road safety does not need to be boring.

– This is a great honour to us! Through our project we want to communicate that road safety is now a part of the modern lifestyle, just like the care for natural environment. Being a responsible person is trendy nowadays and we want to actively support and promote that trend.

Katarzyna Meissner,

Head of Sponsoring and Relationship Projects at Santander Bank Polska

The communication in the ”How’s Your Driving Project” is based mainly on social media and events organised in local communities. On the ”How’s Your Driving” fan page, Internet users can find important advice and latest road traffic news a few times a week. With the help of our project ambassador, the racing driver Kuba Giermaziak, we offer valuable tips concerning good driving practices, car maintenance and additional equipment, traffic laws, first aid in the case of road accidents, rules of safe transport of children and driving techniques. The ”How’s Your Driving” Facebook page is followed by more than 120,000 people and the fan page reach last year totalled 29 million. It is one of the most popular road safety sites in Poland.

– We want to show that responsible behaviour behind the wheel can be an attractive lifestyle to be adopted also be young people. We our building the largest community of safe and polite drivers in Poland who respect each other and use the roads in a safe way.

Kuba Giermaziak,

racing driver and ambassador of the “How’s Your Driving” project

”How’s Your Driving” beat other projects in its category, such as, for instance, ”A Ball Can Start a Legacy”, a project demonstrating the contribution of Mastercard and the commitment of Ukrainians to the preparations for the UEFA Champions League finals in Kiev.

European Excellence Awards have been presented for outstanding achievements in the area of communication and PR since 2007. With a wide range of categories, from internal communication to public relations, the competition offers a comprehensive review of the most important communication projects in Europe.

Other awarded companies included IKEA Italy, Ford, Kaspersky Lab Italy, Google Russia and UNICEF. To read the full list of winners visit the official site of the event.