Exemption from selected credit fees for small and medium-sized companies in Santander Bank Polska

A new element of the Aid Package for small and medium-sized businesses.

From 1 April 2020 until further notice, Santander Bank Polska will not charge fees for failure to ensure the declared turnover on business accounts or management fees. Exemptions will apply to loan agreements which contain provisions on such fees and to all newly sanctioned loans.

So far, the fee for failure to  ensure required inflows to the account was 0.25% per month on the amount of the loan disbursed, and the management fee was 0.065% per quarter on the amount of the loan used.

The ongoing epidemic negatively affects the activity of many entrepreneurs. We understand responsible banking as the obligation to support customers in need, especially nowadays. That is why we have prepared a wide package of aid solutions that will support small and medium enterprises and bring tangible financial assistance.

The aid package for small and medium-sized enterprises in Santander Bank Polska includes:


  • suspension of the repayment of loan principal instalments for 3 or 6 months based on a simplified, remote process

  • securing the repayment of the loan with a de minimis guarantee issued by BGK up to 80% of the loan amount used for a maximum period of 39 months, without a fee (the applicable fee is 0%)

  • automatic extension by 2 months of current account overdrafts maturing in the near future

  • suspension of the principal element of lease payments at Santander Leasing

  • exemption from the fee for the Business Account Worth Recommending (upon fulfilment of the exemption eligibility conditions)

  • remote ordering of POS card terminal

  • support via the inFakt helpline (tax advice, ZUS settlements, remote accounting, government solutions)

  • extending the period of free-of-charge use of card terminals under the Cashless Poland Programme

  • increase in the limit of contactless card payments to PLN 100

Detailed information about the implemented solutions can be found at https://www.santander.pl/koronawirus-aktualne-informacje-banku